I'm sure that you love the idea of 3D characters, and who wouldn't love the ease of DRAG n DROP with formats you are used to!

So I assume that price was the roadblock.
I know that not everyone has bottomless pockets either,

I ALSO know that people are making kick ass videos with these characters and I want you to have that opportunity too, so I am about to offer you a very special deal!


Motion Maestros- VidStickers OTO DS

Dear Determined Video Maker:

It's undeniably obvious how determined you are to improve your videos both in look, quality and conversions. And you know this kind of determination without doubt brings the success everyone mindlessly craves for.

So to make sure price doesn't stand in your way to adding this awesome 3D animations to your videos arsenal, I will do something out-of-this-world crazy!

I would have given out my 193 hand-picked premium 3D animations to everyone who is able to get to this page assuming I had zero cost to produce and make this offer available to you... And this is mostly for your determination to make better videos and transform your business outcomes.

But here's what I will do. I'll still give you access to the 193 cherry-picked collection but at an insanely discounted price of $27.

That means you'll be getting a total of 579 Premium 3D animation files for the price of burger and fries. And you get developer license to these premium animations at no extra cost.

This is an incredible offer, and one I am only offering because I believe everyone deserves a chance to make better videos! But don't take it lightly because once you leave this page you may never see it again... EVER! So jump right at it.

Grab it while it's still open and I will see you at the members' area.

Motion Maestros- VidStickers OTO DS
And just to keep your memory fresh,
here are JUST A FEW of the
Premium 3D animations you'll be getting...
You Also Get All 193 Characters
in static png format too!!
193 Motion Maestros 3D Still Image
Characters in PNG format!
Motion Maestros- VidStickers OTO DS
And...just to make your life easier we will throw in...
Powerpoint Character and Animation Catalogue File

Don't you hate getting a big pack of animations and images and then not being able to find what you want?
We've been through that TOO MANY times!
That's why we created this catalogue file. Now all you have to do is open the catalogue in Powerpoint, find the image or animation you want, note the name, and then select it from your file folder.
It's so simple, we wonder why no one thought of it before!

Developer/Commercial License for the entire package!

Try Motion Maestros for 30-Days Risk Free

We are confident that you will LOVE Motion Maestros! Backed by a full 30-Day money-back guarantee…If you have technical difficulties that our support team can not help you resolve, we will refund your purchase!

The best things in life don't last, and this AWESOME collection is no different!
When the timer hits zero the special EARLY BIRD PRICE is gone forever!

Get Motion Maestros Now for $97 Just $27
Motion Maestros- VidStickers OTO DS
One-Time Only Payment – Includes a Developer/Commercial License